Why Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga is a sequence of yoga postures performed in a heated environment.

Yoga helps to change the construction of the body from the inside out. The heat helps to warm the muscles and allows for more flexibility so that the change you want can happen more efficiently. Practicing yoga in the hot room also diminishes the chance for injury as a warm body is more supple and pliable. With the heat you can achieve a deeper stretch, so fresh oxygenated blood reaches deeper into your muscles, tendons and organs to keep your systems healthy. The heat helps to burn more calories, increase your metabolism and helps to build endurance. Toxins are released through the breath and skin by sweating which will help enhance your immune system. A regular yoga practice balances hormones that help you sleep deeply and wake-up renewed.

The end result is an unbelievable feeling of mental and physical well-being.

Hot Yoga is a nice adjunct to regular exercise, sports and weight routines as the infra-red heat penetrates several inches below the skin, deep into muscle tissue and organs that regular exercise does not achieve. Consistent practice makes the muscles more elastic and less susceptible to injury. It improves coordination, balance and aids in concentration and relaxation