Our Staff

Commitment to a welcoming, inspiring and safe atmosphere will always be the core of your experience.

Our teachers have a deep knowledge of anatomy and are happy to offer modifications to our injured and recovering students. It is important to remember that you know your body best! If you need to take a break, take a break. If something does not feel right, do not do it. Our teachers will never force you to do something that does not feel good; they are simply here to guide you and encourage you to work your hardest.

Norma Bonner

Norma BonnerNorma began her yoga practice 8 ½ years ago when she was at a crossroads of her life; an empty nester with two grown children moving across the country to Western Canada. Little did she know she would find a practice that challenged her physically, connected her spiritually and filled her heart with a community that welcomed her from the very first day. This reconnection to body, heart and spirit put her in tune with her body allowing the early detection of cancer six short months after starting her yoga practice. Yoga remains an integral part of her self-care practice including her love for the challenge of a Vinyasa class and the peace found in a Yoga Nidra practice.

Becoming a certified yoga teacher in 2018; participating in the first year of the 200 hour Heal, Evolve, Thrive Yoga Teacher Training program provided an opportunity for her to share the love of this practice with her students. Since then she has completed her Restorative Yoga Teacher Training and obtained Level #1 Certification in Trauma Informed Movement and Presence. She is presently enrolled in a 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification, to continue in the seat of a student and expand her yoga teaching to include Yoga Nidra. Her goal when teaching yoga is to provide a safe, inclusive environment for her students to move their bodies, calm their mind, reconnect with themselves and discover what yoga means for them.

Tammy Schlueter

Tammy SchlueterTammy has been practising Yoga for over 20 years, her passion for Yoga led her to complete a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 through a beautiful little space in Tottenham, Balance Yoga Studio. Since then she have dedicated much of her life to furthering her knowledge of several different branches of Yoga styles in order to create a safe and healthy environment for all of her students.

Her goal is to offer different styles of Yoga to her students so they can find the class that suits their own needs and wants. “ I believe that Yoga is a life changing experience that only gets better with time and practise. Like the Lotus flower we must grow rising above and beyond all obstacles in this life”.

“Tammy is an enthusiastic and well prepared instructor who is confident, professional and clear in her teaching. Tamara has a soothing and friendly manner that helps her students feel an intimacy and connectedness in her classes.” – Heather Agnew Yoga Trinity

Amanda Thompson

Amanda ThompsonAmanda began her yoga practice at a time when she felt the overwhelming of postpartum depression and health issues. As a last resort to make time for herself and manage the day to day stress she went to Modo Yoga Brantford and had her first experience of stepping out of the mind and into the body. She felt strength, resilience and most importantly acceptance. Time and daily stress felt a little lighter and manageable. She hopes to guide all of her students out of their heads and experience all of the lovely benefits yoga has to offer.

Amanda continued to practice and decided to complete a Modo Yoga 500hr ytt in 2020. She also completed mindfulness, and Modo Yoga Flow training in 2021 and offers Trauma Informed yoga in her community in Six Nations. Amanda also uses 10% of her income to support a fund towards empowerment workshops for young Indigenous women and girls in hopes for them to reclaim their power over the MMIW pandemic.

Sabrina Voth

Sabrina VothSabrina is a 700hr CYT, who has been teaching clients internationally for 3 years.

She is a self published author and advocate for holistic healing methods.

When she is not teaching yoga, Sabrina spends her time homeschooling her children and woodcarving.

Crystal Lynn Gratwick

Crystal Lynn GratwickLover of all things outdoors, Crystal has always led an active lifestyle and started practicing yoga about 13 years ago to alleviate stress and be physically active as a single mom to a sick child. It was on her mat in moments of pure raw emotion and movement that her love for the practiced deepened, learning lessons of acceptance, patience, resiliency, and self-love. Life’s ups and down have kept Crystal on her mat and led her to complete her first 200hr teacher training through De La Sol Yoga in 2019, and she started teaching right away.

Since then, Crystal has completed another 200hr worth of training in the areas of Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training, Yin & Myofascial Release Teacher Training, Spine Anatomy, Yin-Yang Qi Cultivation Teacher Training, Torso Anatomy, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training and started her own business Evolution of You working in schools and the community teaching yoga and mindfulness.

Crystal is an advocate for accessible yoga and teaches from that mindset. She advocates that every body is different and that each posture should be approached based on how it feels in the mind & body and not how it looks. Her goal is that you leave class feeling good in your own body, connected physically, mentally, and spiritually to yourself and that the lessons you learn on your mat help life off the mat.

When she is not teaching yoga or mindfulness she can be found, kayaking, walking, or gardening at home on Lake Erie with her son Hayden & fur babies.

Michelle MacKenzie

Michelle MacKenzieMichelle has enjoyed the practice of asana for 10 years and has spent some time exploring Yogic philosophy. She completed 200 hr YTT through iGita in Oakville Since retiring from teaching, her next journey is to guide others, allowing each person to find alignment, through breath and mindfulness to their full expression of each pose. She believes that it’s important to ‘be you’ on your mat, to honor your body finding your inner yogi.

Yoga is both a mind & body journey each person’s is unique & she looks forward to meeting where you are at.