Class Descriptions

There are a variety of beginners, intermediate and advanced classes; classes for everyone. Although the studio focuses on hot yoga classes there are also pilates classes and workshops that are offered. The studio will alter class temperatures and types depending on the season and demand for hours and class levels. Our class schedules are developed from our member feedback and have seasonal changes to meet our clients needs. Our classes are fun, energetic, challenging, and designed to meet all your wellness needs.

Hot R&R (Relax & Restore)

Open to all levels. Enjoy a class with stretching, breathing, movement and relaxation techniques that help relieve the effects of mind and body stress. This class has minimal standing postures and is less vigorous than others.  You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Hot/Cool Yin Yang

Open to all levels. The first half of this yoga class is full of strong ‘yang’ style postures of strength, balance, and heat building; and finishes with calming and lengthening ‘yin’ style postures held for longer periods of time. This allows for warming of the muscles and deep opening in the soft tissues of the hips, pelvis and spine.  If you are looking for a balancing class, with a little bit of everything, this is your class!

Hot Sunday Recharge

Open to all levels.  A relaxing class to unwind from the weekend and prepare yourself for the week ahead.  An eclectic mix of poses to bring calm and peace.

Hot/Cool Beginner

The focus of this class is an introduction to basic yoga poses & healthy alignment.  Here you will practice standing poses as well as seated poses.  Fundamentals also incorporates breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques – great for stress relief and overall relaxation.  This is a great starting point for the beginner!

Hot Flow

Open to intermediate/advanced levels. In this class, a variety of postures are linked together.  Emphasis will be on the synergy of breath and movement to help you deepen your practice.  This class is always moving and is set a quicker pace.  Great for cardiovascular conditioning.

Hot Core Flow

Open to advanced levels. This class will focus on identifying and building a strong core foundation for your yoga practice. Build core strength in static holds, slow flow movements, foundation standing and balancing postures. The sun salutations and moon salutations will be explored, along with different plank and vinyasa variations.  You will develop inner resilience and build outer strength, extend your flexibility & improve alignment. Not suitable for prenatal clients.

Flow 2

Best suited for experienced members. Building on the foundations of flow, core flow, and power, Flow 2 offers more challenging poses.

Hot Power Yoga

Open to advanced levels. Power yoga combines strengthening your muscles, tightening your core and burning body fat.  Infrared heat enhances health benefits and maximizes your results.  Improves your cardiovascular health.  Fun and fresh.  This class builds strength and improves posture while toning the muscles of the core.  Come prepared to sweat and feel the burn!

Cool Monday Night Meditation

Open to all levels. The meditation class will allow you to unwind your mind and return home relaxed and refreshed. The class will provide you with new tools to deal with the stresses of life.

Cool 3X3

A mix between all levels Hatha and flow classes. It combine three yoga poses with optional modifications followed by three sun salutations. Flows are always optional, resting when needed is always encouraged.

Cool Restorative

Open to all levels. Restorative yoga is the healing form of yoga. You are guided through gentle postures while comfortably supported with yoga props. The class is designed to strengthen the immune system, calm the nervous system, and invigorate a tired mind and body. This is the perfect combination of restorative poses and breath work to enhance relaxation and your well being.

Cool Fuzion

Open to all levels. This dynamic practice combines the stretching and breath techniques of Yoga, the fundamentals of Pilates and the lengthening and strengthening of Barre. These multitasking movement and poses attribute to optimal body conditioning. Through this class you will begin to cleanse and strengthen your body. All you need to bring is a yoga mat and 3-8 lbs hand weights. (props such as hand weights, pilates loop bands, Gliding discs and 9″ core balls are used each week to rev up your practice).

Cool All Levels

Class will have a range of students and the instructor will offer modifications.

Cool Strength & Mobility

The class will focus on enhancing your overall strength and mobility. This class will mix mobility exercises with overall core and strengthening exercises to help take your yoga practice to the next level.

Slow Burn Vinyasa Flow

Deepen your Yoga practice as you build strength, coupled with flexibility, by emphasizing and exploring a slower flow of movement. This class is a slow burner, we coordinate movement and breath to flow from one pose to another