Also refer to the Studio Etiquette section for more answers to your FAQs.

What is the minimum age for hot yoga?

The recommended minimum age for hot yoga classes is 15 years old.  The safety issue is whether their bodies are able to regulate the heat. For most at this age, sweat glands have matured and the body is able to sweat to the cool the body down during hot classes.

What does Namaste mean?

Namaste means “The light in me honors the light in you”, or “treat others the way you would like to be treated”, or “love thy neighbor”.

Can I register for class ahead of time?

Yes, in fact we encourage it!  If the class is full it will be closed on-line, however we reserve two openings for walk ins based on first come basis.  Your on-line registration will be valid up until 5 minutes before the class begins, otherwise it may be offered to those awaiting a space in studio.  Please be kind and deregister ahead of time if you are unable to make the class. 

How can I register or de-register for a class on-line?

Visit our website at driphotyoga.ca.  Click the “Register For A Class” button. Log into your account.

  • To register: choose the class to attend and click “Register”
    • If you are logged in you will be able to register if you have pre-existing passes/credits/membership. If not, it will cue to you purchase.
      • *If you have credits you want to use for class then you must be logged in.
    • If you are not logged in, choose the class to attend and click “Sign up and pay”; this will cue you to purchase a pass.
  • To Deregister: go back to the class you registered for.  It will now show deregister instead of register;  click “Deregister” (Red); You must be logged in to deregister.

What if I have to leave during class?

Let the teacher know. We often get nervous that we have scared you off when you run out of the room. It is more respectful to your environment and fellow students to communicate and it’s all good.

Remember the 5 P’s. There are 5 human natural body functions that start with P. The five P’s are the only reason most people leave class to go to the restroom. Can you guess what the 5 P’s are? Ask the staff if you cannot figure it out.

What if I have no experience in Yoga or I have an injury?

Hot Yoga is a great match for you AND everyone has to start somewhere! 90% of Hot Yoga students have no prior experience.

PROVEN FACT – The only way to get better at anything is do it over and over again.

Persons with sickness or injuries are welcome too. If you have any injuries or health concerns such as diabetes, cardiovascular or a history of heat-related illness, please consult with your doctor before practicing hot yoga.

Talk to the instructor prior to class so they can be aware of your injury or condition and make modifications as needed.  Consider seeing one of our physiotherapists or massage therapists if things are not improving.

How many times a week should I practice Hot Yoga?

There are no real limitations to practicing as much as you want; especially with our diverse types of classes. Monitor and balance your practice and health progress. Practicing Hot Yoga 3 to 5 times a week is the most beneficial.

Can I take class more than once a day?

Yes indeed you can! Some students do double classes in one day and strive for daily classes.

WARNING to all addictive personalities **** this can become the healthiest addiction you have ever found.

Can I still work out while practicing Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga will benefit your life in all areas and give you more energy!  It is a nice adjunct to regular exercise, sports and weight routines as the infra-red heat penetrates several inches below the skin, deep into muscle tissue and organs that regular exercise does not achieve.   Consistent practice makes the muscles more elastic and less susceptible to injury.  It improves coordination, balance and aids in concentration and relaxation.